Links - Manic Moon, Sue's 2010 band/recording project. (Also with Den on bass.) - Brian's website. - Bill's website - also see - Den's website.

Exiles from Main Street - Article in The Independent, 16 December 1992.

The Wise Wound by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove - the book from which the band got its name.

NUKLI - The band that Sue sang with before the Wise Wound are still playing today.

Survivors' Poetry - Promoting poetry of survivors of mental distress. - Sound engineer for Blood and Bark

Tanglefoot - Mike's barn-dance band that features Tosh (now Sim) on violin, and also college-friend of Bri and Den, Annie, and another Bunjies veteran, Elaine Samuels.

Bob Cairns on Soundcloud

Bunjies Folk Cellar - wikipedia entry and