Many thanks to Bri for writing these profiles.



Sue Chewter
Lead vocals, guitar, songwriter
The creative force behind Wise Wound, Singer-songwriter Sue’s erudition in her writing and fluency on the guitar came from pure inspiration and gritty determination, rather than formal training. Sue’s natural charismatic charm, coupled with hard life experiences gave the Wise Wound its raison d’être. Off stage, Sue’s malapropisms were legend (to the extent that a book of them was kept) but her main mission was to heal herself and all who came under her spell – and few could resist.



Marianne de Chastelaine
'Cello, B-Vocals
Classically trained 'cellist and vocalist extraordinaire, Maz’s ability to contrast strident motifs with delicate harmonic textures was a key feature of the Wounded sound. Along with Sue and Den, Maz provided the creative backbone of the band but she also had an uncanny knack of attracting some fairly unusual characters at gigs and festivals. Never one to shy away from confrontation, it’s perhaps not surprising that Maz went on to become a PhD in Psychology.



Den Levett
Double bass, B-vocals
Rock Solid by name and arguably Sue’s rock within and without the band, Den had a hand in everything from creating songs and arrangements, to looking after the gas-guzzling fiend that is Lance. Den was also classically trained but this was tempered by a degree in performing arts and a parallel life as a successful stand-up comedian - resulting in a highly complex blend of musical nouse, wit and expressive freedom on the bass.



Brian Madigan
Percussion, flute, B-vocals
Erstwhile college-mate of Den, Bri brought many things to the band – chiefly a cheap set of plastic bongos and a mouldy flute (which the rest of the band tried to cremate at various festivals). Underpinning the shifting rhythms with percussion, Bri also blended into the harmonic mix on flute and added some quirky vocals, whilst remaining largely invisible to most audience members. Sadly, Bri was afflicted by a severe case of Bad Joke, for which he continues to receive counselling (chiefly from Den).



Lizzie Segal
It’s fair to say that Lizzy’s B52s-inspired vocal harmonies were an important part of the Wise Wound’s development. Combining vocal dexterity with rhythmic energy, Lizzy helped to inspire other band members to get stuck in and create the complex harmonic textures that characterised the signature sound . Lizzy’s sense of humour was never far from the surface, to the extent that we nearly lost her one Glastonbury during a combined hysterical laughing fit and asthma attack round the campfire.



Sally Handley
B-vocals, fire swinging, groovy moves
Should probably be known as ‘ahhh-Sal’. Beautiful, mercurial and the Wise Wound’s number one fan - until she got sucked into the vortex to become a bone fide band member. Sal’s energy on stage added greatly to the mix: singing, dancing, fire-swinging and often mediating between other band members (who, us – argue?...). Sal embraced all things Wise and Wounded and was particularly in her element at festivals, sometimes missing for days at a time.



Bill Jones
Keyboards, accordion, flute, B-vocals
With beautiful, pure vocal tones, cultured flute phrasing and versatility on the keys, Bill joined as the band were ‘going electric’ (or trying to). Latterly known as ‘famous Bill’, Belinda joined the band a sweet innocent teenager with a skip in her step and a dream in her heart; she left a mature, hardened festival-veteran with attitude. It was, we believe, band manager Andy who said ‘you can’t be Belinda – we’ll call you Bill’: who’d have known Bill Jones would go on to become a big name on the folk scene, winning awards and wowing audiences throughout the land?


Thanks Bri, that covers the main members during the main stint of the band. Other members from '91 were Tosh who would unleash demonic violin solos as well as weaving subtle string arrangements with Maz (and bass when I joined), something that continued to be an important element after his departure. Shanti-Tony on percussion, his style was bursting with energy yet solid and centered. Rokiah with natural flowing vocals that complemented Sue's so comfortably. The rest of the band before me I don't know, but for more details from the murky past see Andy's Wise Wound Family Tree. At the other end of the band's life, there was Paul on electric guitar, full of young, fresh enthusiasm - I wonder what he went on to do?

And finally of course, our beloved...



Lance, Lance, Ambu-Lance...
Transport, storage, accomodation, kudos
Ahh Lance. He took us everywhere... all the way to Manchester, the muddy fields of Glastonbury. In fact, Lance needs his own Lance Page

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